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Our Mission Statement

Here at foroma tablet computers we stock the most affordable and functional tablet PC's available on the market, keeping up-to-date with new styles and hardware to provide the best experience for you the end user, removing any of the complications of shopping in today’s increasingly crowded tablet PC market.

We do this by purchasing tablets on stock standard firmware from around the world and optimise them for your home taking them from passable products to must have devices.

About Tablets:

The tablet computer is the next step in personal computing as intuitive as you smartphone with many of the similar familiar applications letting you get comfortable with its layout as soon as possible, with touch screen technology that removes the need for mice and external keyboards so that finding something you want is as simple as pressing your finger to it, simplicity itself.

Whats the difference?

The tablet computers you will find on this site are designed to fill your e-reading, Video, Audio and browsing needs while giving you access to the entire world of downloadable applications through the constantly growing Android marketplace.

This is an alternative to costly Apple products that are on store shelves and pushed with glossy advertisements at greatly inflated prices, this is most assuredly not a replacement in price range or power but a functional alternative to those who don’t need such an overwhelming device or are not drawn into style over function.

As an added benefit to shopping with us, our open knowledgebase tablet PC's represent a greater degree of freedom for you as a customer, No proprietary software to move your music or movies or books just a memory card, No more installations to hinder your enjoyment of your tablet computer, no more constant updates and Terms & conditions.

On the site for free you will find software and support documents explaining our process of installation and how we take these tablets from their stock setup to making them fit for your use, Giving you the knowledge and the assurance that YOU are in control of your device.

All things that apple do not provide but instead require you to make an appointment at your own personal cost with their ancillary services.

(Of couurse If you dont want to know these things and just want to know it works without having to modify feel free not to read them. All tablets we sell are prepared for the end user, check out our catalogue of tablets computers and tablet pc accessories)

Welcome to a new way of computing, to customer freedom, to informed ownership, to new realms of customisation and all at a much more affordable price

Welcome to Foroma Tablet Computers

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